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The Magic Of Taking Storytelling Into Storydoing

BB7F1A80-131B-499E-8EAA-BB793C482A61It’s the emotionally loaded stories that sell. They are data with a soul and are considered to be more potent than brands where the best story wins. This is also true for you as an individual since your reputation is the story that you bring to the world and is the thing that walks ahead of you. Stories are also the most powerful way to put your ideas to work, and the unknown future is much more exciting than the past. Expectations rule.

It’s not enough to tell a good story, you have to be one, setting high standards for your performance. Then you have the opportunity of taking story-telling one step further into story-doing, making others tell your story. It’s pure magic and it could be that one piece of content that has the potential of changing your professional future. It’s building a reputation and I’ve seen it been done over and over again. 

One of our greatest challenges as entrepreneurs and consultants is to communicate our value, and what clients care the most about are the things that touch, move and inspire them.

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