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The True Power Of Knowing Your Reputation.

bruce-mars-548713-unsplashThirty of my clients has chosen to undergo the process of mapping their reputation a second time after 4-5 years. In every case, their reputation had improved almost dramatically. What surprised me was that everyone said that they hadn’t done anything that they could put their finger on. It puts reputation in a new perspective since what happened was that they got their reputation into their mind and body and “just” lived it. It’s the real power of knowing your reputation.

Whatever position that you hold, everything is revolving around your reputation. Today it’s THE crucial success factor that you should map, handle and grow. Seth Godin wrote in his blog: “Your reputation has as much impact on your life as what you do.” 

We are entering the new reputation economy and what we see is merely the beginning. Reputation and trust will be the cornerstones of the economy, and in our new way of working and by the way, the recruitment industry will have a huge challenge.

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