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The Question I Keep Struggling With.

warren-wong-246609-unsplashThere is one question that I keep struggling with. Why don’t we pay more attention to the one thing that has the potential of changing our professional lives? World leaders like Richard Branson and Warren Buffett acknowledge their reputation as their greatest asset. Self-awareness is the number one leadership tool. As consultants or entrepreneurs, we are our reputation. Most people that I talk to, whatever position, agree that it’s crucial to their success. And yet …

I frequently look at research to validate what I’m talking about. Research from Stanford University and Harvard Business School has looked into that question what makes us hire a certain person for a project or a job. It shows that it’s not Experience at the top of the list but instead potential for the future. Expectations and reputation rule. Everyone can tell about the great things they’ve done in the past, but when asked what to expect there is often an unmistakable hesitation.

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