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Attracting Clients, Business Partners, and Investors.

charles-deluvio-456508-unsplashResearchers from Birmingham University has found that Kickstarter campaigns that focus on founder’s reputation attract more investors. You could have bright business ideas or brilliant strategies but everything lands in how you are perceived – your reputation. It’s something to consider when approaching potential clients, business partners or investors since it sets the stage for interaction and sets the hight of expectation.

I meet many consultants, leaders, and entrepreneurs who are looking for new ways to show their value to attract new clients, assignments or investors. And I keep telling them that if they aren’t 100% convinced about their unique qualities how will they ever convince others. Knowing your reputation will give them this tool since it will highlight their capacity and the expectations of what they can accomplish.

It would be wise to start focusing on your pitch for the future even if your past has been IMG_0098impressive. It’s expectations that rule and is the thing that makes people take notice. We do not like the big thing as much as the next big thing, and you should use the power of reputation to your advantage.

Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google and board member of Apple, said in an interview that one thing that you’re never good at is seeing yourself as others see you. In fact, research shows that others know your strengths and flaws best and in an article in Forbes, they suggested transforming the word self-awareness to other-awareness. It’s what knowing your reputation is all about.

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