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Your Most Valuable Asset.

IMG_0840I’m privileged to work with very talented IT-consultants, and one of the most important things they can possibly do in their career, besides expanding their expertise is to build a reputation. The Gigster Blog wrote: “There are many types of currency in Silicon Valley. Money, talent and media attention all matter but by far the most valuable asset you can build is your reputation.” This is not only true in the Valley; it’s true everywhere and in every profession and branch.

Your reputation is everything, it’s the one thing that everything in your professional life revolves around. You attract clients, investors or get hired on the expectations that your reputation sets on what you can accomplish and how. When exploring an individuals reputation and highlighting the unique qualities, strengths, and bugs I’m committed to make the Reputation Resume™ the most important document in your professional life.

There is nothing so powerful as a positive reputation, it travels fast and always walks ahead of you. It stands up for you when you’re not there, and important decisions are made.

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