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Great Leadership Builds On Reputation.

432c201a-90a3-453f-9e59-d9a7b735ce34-originalI notice an increasing number of articles talking about how great leadership starts with self-awareness. I could not agree more, and research shows that others know our strengths and flaws best which makes knowing your reputation a most important tool.

The reputation of top executives is forming the company’s reputation with a huge impact on the market value. I dare to say that there is no other single strategy with the same impact on the economy as working with reputation.

But, we live in a time of traditional management models and sometimes we might complicate things when it comes down to something natural. I felt very proud when I received this message from David Moody in Brisbane who wrote.

“You are doing the impossible Per – you are pointing to the very hub, the heart of all things for business, for consultants for everything.”

Thank you, David, working with reputation is where it all starts and success is based on it.

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