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Handling The Bugs That Might Prevent Your Success.

thandy-yung-417846Strengths and unique qualities are the areas where you should grow. In my work with reputation, I also put more attention to the perceived bugs that might prevent you from reaching the things what you’ve set out to accomplish.

Have you considered how you come across in important meetings or pitches? This is a crucial knowledge that gives you the opportunity to handle your bugs to raise the bar of your professional approach.

Reputation is always built on your actions and how they are perceived. We don’t reward perfectionists, we reward people who get things done, who dares to test out new things. The most challenging thing is probably the decision to act, then it comes down to commitment, perseverance and handling the bugs that will keep showing up. You should build a strategy to manage these in four different ways:

  • Get to know your perceived bugs by exploring your reputation as of today.
  • Decide which ones you can live with.
  • Which bugs should you update and consider what ingredients might be missing?
  • Which bugs should you put on your stop-doing-list to get rid of over time?

Remember that winners always quit – they quit the right things at the right time.

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