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Reputation Is The Best Measure Of Your Talent.

warren-wong-242320 08.50.42An interesting article turned up in Forbes Magazine – “Four Bitter Facts You Should Understand About Your Reputation” written by Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, who is a Professor of Psychology at UCL and Columbia University.

An extract from his article:

”Reputation is the bitcoin for talent. From the badges you proudly advertise on your LinkedIn profile, to the number of people that perceive you as capable, and your public career track record, you are only as talented as other people think….

There is of course little point in being more talented than other people think unless you can actually persuade them that they are wrong, so your reputation is still the definitive measure of your talent, as well as a major constrain to your potential. The good news is that being aware of your reputation will help you harness your potential, if you can find the right career niche that turns your reputation into an asset… ”

Reputation is the definitive measure of your talent and being aware of your potential will help you to harness potential. Can anything be more important?

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