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Reputation Mastery™

IMG_0539”Your reputation is everything. It’s the one thing that everything else in your professional life revolves around.”

Whether you are an entrepreneur, consultant or leader everything revolves around your reputation. It’s THE key factor for success that you should map, handle and expand. Let’s look at three reasons for this:

Your reputation helps you to be the person that people listen to, trust and hire. Your expertise can’t stand alone since by itself it guarantees nothing. You need to transform it into action with a successful result with a perfect mix of your experience, strengths and unique qualities. All of this comes together in your reputation where you will get the “whole package” known and introduced in a trustworthy and exciting way. A traditional CV or resume won’t do the job any more.


Your reputation kicks off the expectation of what you can accomplish and how you will do it. Nothing can be more important since it’s the reason why you’re being hired. A great majority of the decisions about you are made when you’re not present – the ‘only’ thing present is your reputation. It’s when your clients discuss if they will hire you for that exciting project, recommend you or invest in you, all those crucial moments in your business life and career.

Your reputation adds up your results and the way you have created them during the last years. It’s your professional DNA and the story that you bring to the world, knowing what is moving you forward and what might stall you. It indicates what you’re able to accomplish in the right surroundings. In order to get access to your full capacity you need to map it to be able to build on your perceived strengths and unique qualities, handle your bugs and consider what’s missing. It’s heading for Reputation Mastery.

Everyone that I meet agree upon how crucial their reputation is for their success yet, very few are aware of what their own reputation looks like or the huge possibilities that it opens up.


Your reputation runs your business life and career. You don’t own your reputation, it’s in the eyes of the beholder but, when you know what it looks like you have all the power in the world to influence it.

We can help you with mapping and expanding it- we have so far done it for more than one thousand entrepreneurs, consultants and leaders in different countries.

One of our clients, Paul Holmstrom, consultant and Chairman of Bioss Scandinavia wrote after he had been through the process:

”Your way of analyzing and making personal strengths concrete is unbeatable and the story and profile of each person is unique and forceful. You do it extremely well and it has never been easier to recommend someone – I have never before been so positive. All these years after Tom Peters coined the term Brand You, you are the first who have found a way to make it real

Thank you Paul for your statement. And thank you Michael Sillion for the picture in the header and Unsplash for the other two.

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