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A Review Of Our New Book

unnamedThis is a review by Petar Vicevic on LinkedIn:

“The world is going through digital transformation which means the landscape of how we work is changing – the workforce is increasingly mobile and we can work from anywhere. The growing trend of the Gig economy has created an environment where temporary positions are common and organizations contract independent workers for short-term engagements.

If you dig it GIG IT inspires the reader and asks practical questions that entrepreneurs and non-independent workers alike should ask themselves. It will allow you to explore your self awareness and professional reputation which in turn will help you in taking your career to the next level.

This will mean setting sail before we are ready, accepting that we have bugs and fixing them under way – Per Frykman

The book is delivered in two perspectives with a unique non-traditional approach – I won’t spoil the surprise but rather leave it up to you as the reader to experience. I highly recommend that you pick one up as I am confident that you will find it meaningful and valuable.

“Decision-making is hard. Especially when it comes to important decisions such as what to do with all the hours we spend at work. The question is: Are you willing to give that decision to someone else by not making any decision? Or will you decide yourself?” – Kristina Närman

If you dig it GIG IT can be picked up here. Enjoy it and feel free to leave on comment on your thoughts on the book.”

Thank You Petar!

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