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4 Guidelines To Reputation Mastery.

feet-hipster-longboard-skateboardWhatever professional goal that you have, whatever venture you are involved in, whatever position that you hold, everything is built around your reputation. It’s the number one key factor that you should deal with, mapping it, expanding it, living it and promoting it. It’s time to master your reputation.

I give you four reasons why reputation makes all the the difference in the world when it comes to success in business and in your professional life:

▶︎ A great majority of the decisions about you are made when you are not present – the ‘only’ thing present is your reputation. It’s when your clients are discussing whether they will hire you for that specific project or if they will invest in you, all those crucial moments in your business life or career. It’s time to take control.

▶︎ Your reputation sets the expectations of what you can accomplish and how you will do it. It´s the reason why you are being hired. Can anything be more important than that?

▶︎ Your reputation sums up your results and the way you accomplished them the last years. It’s indicating your potential – what you actually can reach. To have full access to all your capabilities you need to explore and expand them and never settle for less.

▶︎ It helps you to be be visible as THE expert, the person people will listen to trust and hire. Your expertise can no longer stand alone since by itself it guarantees nothing. You need to transform it into action with a successful result having a perfect mix of expertise, experience and unique qualities. All of this comes together in your reputation where you will get ”the whole package” introduced in a trustworthy way. A resumé just won’t do the job any more.

Everybody that I meet agree upon how crucial their reputation is for their success but, surprisingly few are aware of what their reputation looks like or the opportunities that it opens up.

Your reputation is running your business and career – it only needs to be mapped and expanded. We can assist you with that – we’ve done it for more than 1100 entrepreneurs, consultants and leaders in seven different countries.

One of our clients, Paul Holmström Chairman of Bioss Scandinavia wrote after he had been through the process:

”Your way of analyzing and making personal strengths concrete is unbeatable and the story and profile of each person is unique and forceful. You do it extremely well and it has never been easier to recommend someone – I have never before been so positive. All these years after Tom Peters coined the term Brand You, you are the first who have found a way to make it real”

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