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Leadership, Reputation And Market Value.

7u1sfd5al7i-james-thomasA company’s reputation is all that matters and research indicates that the top executive’s reputation is the driver of company reputation. Investors also make their decisions based on the expectations that it creates.

Successful leaders like Richard Branson and Warren Buffett have a distinct focus on reputation both for themselves and for the company and also understand how it’s built on their actions. A great reputation will make a company successful and with a reputation mindset and strategy many of the crisis that cause a lot of damage to a company can also be avoided.

After working for ten years with individual reputation I’m surprised how this still can be kind of a blind spot and not being at the the top of the agenda for every leader.

Reputation Mastery should be the goal, it’s a mindset where exploring and expanding their reputation should go from being interesting to being necessary.

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