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My Crazy Mission As An Entrepreneur.

23042014-134328-0044I sometimes get questions why I keep on writing in English. My answer is that my Crazy Mission is to spread the concept of Reputation Mastery™ to so many different countries as possible. And, when exciting people keep telling me that the winners today are people with crazy missions, I will keep on with this huge challenge. Today the world needs crazy missions more than ever.

Many see things as they are, entrepreneurs see things as they could be and they make  things happen. They see the next big thing, they are on the edge where the passion and fun is and where change happens.

In the global market, you have to take every possibility to find the things that are unique about you and give you competitive advantages. Your reputation building expectations and trust will give you that opportunity and it unlocks the mind about what you can accomplish.

This is what keeps me going as an entrepreneur.

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