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Our New Book ”If You Dig It GIG IT”

unnamedWe get a lot of questions about when our new book will be released and I’m proud to say that it’s on the market. You can order it here.

An introduction to the book: 

The opportunities to create the professional life you want have never been greater. Digitalization has enabled working whenever you want, from wherever you want with whoever you want. It doesn’t matter if your niche is small, today you can reach your tribe globally. More and more professionals choose to take on temporary “gigs” instead of full time employment. Gig:ers have the world as their playing field, changing the game of work.

This is not a how-to-do-book. Instead we want to show the endless possibilities the gig economy offers. We want to give you thoughts and ideas on how your future professional life can be.

The book contains 120 ideas on the gig economy and future professional life. We’ve also interviewed four thought leaders on the gig economy who offer their perspective on this exciting times.

Don’t be confused by the pic above. This is ONE book. But with two perspectives. Hopefully it will turn your world up-side-down at some point. Probably somewhere in the middle… (you’ll get it, we promise)

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