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The Expert’s Dilemma.

photo-1469243159284-ec62e27ddffdThere are so many experts out there operating the Internet and you might get millions of hits on your subject. This will cause some problems reaching the interesting clients and to be perceived as top of mind. The half-time of our knowledge is down to 5-6 years and we might be at risk of stagnating with yesterday’s answers. On top of that we might have a somewhat blurry picture of our reputation which will create blurry expectations of what we can accomplish.

So, how can you stand out as THE expert? One thing is of course to seek out a distinct niche working on your nerd factor with a natural curiosity. Another is setting bold expectations of what you can accomplish for your clients and be prepared to live up to them. If you have a distinct knowledge of the content of your reputation this will be a huge advantage.

Don’t forget the power in stories that touch the emotions where the best story wins. Your reputation is the story that you as an expert bring to the world and it’s worth taking care of since everything is revolving around it.

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