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The Journey With Reputation.

U--WhgFreZD46HYudCGC-WUzCLH4hJ61aQaNSAe4flAWhen I started this journey more than 10 years ago my goal was to get hold of the key factors that created great results and success. We looked for a tool that could map and introduce them in a completely trustworthy way and we found that tool in the individual’s professional reputation.

After working with more than 1000 individuals in different countries I’m convinced that working with reputation is a most effective way to enter the next professional level heading for the things that you want to accomplish.

Of course, I was very pleased to read in the interesting magazine Fast Company that working with brands and reputation is one of the five new top skills that you should be able to handle today when approaching the Gig Economy. This is crucial whatever position you hold in your professional life.

And, the journey continues…

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