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Experience Is Not THE Thing Any More.

IMG_1565Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn wrote in his book “The Start-up of You” that soft skills are hard to tally. This is one thing where I don’t agree with Reid. If you know your reputation you will also get a 100% trustworthy description of these important skills.

Tom Peters – management guru – recently wrote in a tweet: ”If I see the word soft skills again, I’m going to barf. Those are the true HARD SKILLS, the skills that effectuate results”. And these are the skills that we have such a hard time to promote.

This is crucial, not least to the recruitment business in their hunt for the best talents. If the goal is to hire amazing and remarkable people why is the hiring process in many cases not more flexible than it is today? Experience is not unimportant but it’s not THE thing any more.

Are personality tests that want to simplify me into four different personality types the answer? Although I love the elegance of simplicity those tests are not for me. We are far more complicated than that.

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