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My Writing Spot In Bella Tuscany.

shapeimage_2The more I work with reputation in an international context, I can be located wherever I wish to put down my computer and use the power of Skype. The big advantage is that I can give immediate response to my client’s questions wherever we are and I actually feel close to my clients working via Skype.

Since I have a completely mobile office I try, as often as I can, to work in creative surroundings and one of these is the lovely little Tuscany village – Terricciola. On top of a hill, you can sit and work in a wonderful house and look out over the vineyards and olive trees. This is the place where I wrote my first book, and it will probably be the place where I finish my next.IMG_1354

To spend one week every month there during spring and autumn is much the same cost as
renting an office space in Stockholm. To me the choice is simple and it’s money well spent. It’s a great way of combining efficiency as an entrepreneur with a quality of life.

If you are interested in renting it for a work week or more I can always put you in contact with my Italian friends who own the house. You find more information about the house and village here.

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