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The Risk Of Being Undervalued.

pexels-photo-2My overall impression after working with so many individuals around their reputation is that a huge majority aren’t aware of their unique qualities and are at risk of being undervalued by colleagues, leaders and clients. Your reputation builds on your actions and attitude towards what you do. Are you going for good enough or working with being remarkable in mind? Are you where you want to be or where you think that you have to be? Nothing right or wrong here but both ways will affect your reputation.

Brilliant Seth Godin wrote about ”The Tragedy Of Small Expectations” in one of his blogs recently, talking mainly about our own expectations. Since your reputation kicks off the expectations of what you can accomplish next, I think that it’s also kind of a tragedy if your professional network has low expectations of what you really can accomplish. If you, like a huge majority of us,  aren’t fully aware of the perceived strengths of your reputation, you can’t fully exploit your full potential.

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