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Let Your Name Carry Your Reputation.

sky-night-clouds-blueSmall is the new big and I collaborate with some intriguing entrepreneurs and companies in order to give my clients the very best. To me it’s also a way to honor and explore all the new possibilities in the Gig economy and work in a way where reputation, expectations and trust are the key factors. In this way I can contribute in the best way possible.

Brilliant Gary Vaynerchuk recently brought up the interesting question if you as an entrepreneur should act under your own name or under a company name.

This is profound, since heading for being remarkable is tied to your name, not the name of your company. Building your reputation is also tied to you and not your company. Everything that you do, and have done or have written is tied to you and your name so why hide it behind a company name? We will keep hiring YOU, not your company.

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