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The Interesting Part Of Being Incompetent.

feet-hipster-longboard-4787-525x350If you look at me through traditional “CV-eyes”, I’ve been completely incompetent for what I have been doing for the last 20 years running my company. I have a formal background as a dentist but quit that career many years ago and it bears no relevance whatsoever to my work with reputation.

If we look at this in a wider perspectives we see a revival of incompetence going on where the traditional incompetent can be the stars in the making and become the new key players. Many of the people inspiring me suffers from dyslexia and has taken other ways than the traditional, leading to their success.

New things become important in the Reputation Economy and I wouldn’t bother working that much on my resume any more. I would put my heart into describing what can be expected from me, what I can accomplish in the months to come. It’s about getting famous for what you haven’t done – yet and building trust.

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