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A New Pair Of Slim Selvedge Jeans.

5XECFC-yLFM-5I2I6ohSlBMuuLWK9-kLJnHgu1V4BxE,V7ogkN_2nQZVRd57EvaXUvJPr6k4ugyAJivU5_uo7bAHave you ever considered how you come through in business meetings or presentations? This is of course crucial both when doing business in Sweden and an important key factor when you’re aiming for expanding to other countries.

Knowing your reputation – how you are perceived in those crucial situations will give you the answers and the possibility to expand your unique qualities and get rid of your bugs.

Brilliant Paul Holmstrom – Chairman of Bioss Scandinavia wrote on LinkedIn after having his reputation analyzed: ”It was like getting into a new pair of slim selvedge jeans. A bit stiff and unusual, taking some time to get used to. I recall a magical moment meeting a potential client, actually wearing and feeling very comfortable in my “new” reputation. One of the best meetings I ever have had”.

You should always bet on your strengths in a world where so many people are obsessed with fixing their weaknesses. Aim for being really, really good and raise the bar of your business approach.

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