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When Will Leaders Queue Up For Their Reputation?

gC2EVuBalqVsRAjjq3plFyXNpaNaN9zHm1wNbZv3WIMThere is no other single strategy with a greater impact on a company’s economy than working with reputation. I can see three reasons for this:

  • We know from research from Weber Shandwick that approximately 60% of a company’s market value is tied to its reputation and at least half of this is tied to the reputation of the CEO and Top Executives.
  • Reputation has a distinct focus on how you act. Warren Buffet, a most successful investor said that it takes many years to build your reputation but it doesn’t take long to destroy it. If you consider that, you will act differently – a great way to reduce the costs for crisis management. Warren Buffet summarized it by saying that they can afford to lose money, even a lot of money, but they can’t afford to loose a shred of their reputation.
  • The third reason is that leaders with a great reputation attracts both investors and the best talents, those who do things differently and don’t look for a job in the traditional way.

So – why are leaders not queuing up to explore and expand their reputation. That’s the million dollar question where I don’t have any good answer – yet

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