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The Nerd Factor™

red-vintage-shoes-sportAn important part of working with and expanding your reputation is to embrace a niche, be visible as THE expert, being the person people will listen to, trust and hire. Jack of all trades is the master of none, is a figure of speech, but it’s more important than ever. It’s about the Nerd Factor™.

This deals with the aspiration to be remarkable and experience the true joy of becoming really, really good at something. People with the aspiration to be remarkable builds a great reputation since they never settle for less. They are bold, do things before they become necessary and start before they are ready having released a Beta Version of themselves. Remarkable people are worth talking about and seldom need a resumé. And – we can all become remarkable in our area.

There are some crucial ingredients in The Nerd Factor™.pexels-photo-12312

– Knowing The Perceived Strengths & Unique Qualities Of Your Reputation. In whatever area you have the aspiration to be remarkable as a consultant or freelancer, you should focus on the importance of your reputation. Your reputation is what people expect you to do next and how you will go about it. Knowing this, then you have the key to why you are being hired by attractive clients. Entering the Gig Economy this is more important than ever.

Look Beyond Your Passion. To look for your passion is an advice that we often get and that seldom works. Instead you should identify what you are really good at and have a deep interest in. This is what you should focus on and dig deeper in that area. You might find your passion here.

Run A To Don’t List. To be really good at something, to be remarkable, you have to say no to a lot of things. Seth Godin once wrote that it’s a myth that winners never quit and quitters never win. Winners quit all the time. They quit the right things at the right time. I constantly run my stop doing list and put things on that list every week and the list is very much alive and kicking and it’s my best tool ever. But I only make decisions to really quit things once a month and then start getting rid of them over time

The Value Of ”Incompetence”. Bob Dylan was considered by traditional critics to be an incompetent musician, but he has done fairly well. Is it time to redefine competence and knowledge. People without traditional formal training can actually become key players. They are people with a great reputation who probably never had to write a CV and by traditional standards are considered incompetent. They challenge the mediocre and deep inside know that they can challenge the status quo and change the world.

Release The Beta Version Of You. Most apps today are released in Beta-versions and developed underway. So can you! Accept that you have ”bugs” – you can fix some and live with others. The important thing is to act and improve as you go and you will see new opportunities coming your way. Without a natural curiosity many experts will stagnate with old knowledge. It’s time to release the Beta version of yourself.

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