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Your Resumé – An Artifact From The Past – Then What?

fashion-men-vintage-colorfulWhy are you being hired for a gig, a project or a job? The reason is actually both simple and natural. Your client or employer expects you to accomplish great things for her.

The problem is that they don’t just expect it from your expertise or experience, they expect it from all those other key factors that effectuate results. Unanimous research from Harvard Business School, Stanford University and Stockholm School Of Economics shows that it’s not the past that’s interesting – it’s the potential for the future that we go crazy about.

Revival of incompetence.

It’s time to redefine competence and knowledge. Bob Dylan was considered an file4621259605157incompetent musician by traditional critics, but he has done fairly well. People without traditional formal training can actually become key players. They are people with a great reputation who probably never had to write a CV and by traditional standards are
considered incompetent. They challenge the mediocre and the status quo and they change things.

The Death Of The Resumé.

The Resumé is declared dead in numerous articles around the world, also in Sweden by Hammer & Hanborg. Personality tests are also being questioned as effective tools today. These are discussions that are crucial today. So, what is left? What’s the alternative?

Ever since I wrote my first book about recruitment back in 2005, where I among other things questioned the role of the resumé, I have been on the hunt for an alternative and a better tool. And, I’ve found it and worked with it and more than a thousand consultants, entrepreneurs and people looking for new jobs have used it.

Your Reputation Is Your Resumé

The tool is as natural as it is simple – it’s your professional reputation. Everyone that I meet agree that it’s crucial for their success but nobody knows what it looks like. Yet it shows all the key factors that create results. The truth is in the eye of the beholder.

All it takes is asking seven questions to a number of people (10-15) that have seen you in action, getting it analyzed by a third part of experts to get it presented in a completely trustworthy way.

The process has been used by many people so far and it can be a life-changer. I dare to say that your reputation will be your resumé in the years to come.

The question is how the recruitment industry will react

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