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The Trust Crisis.

file1171251759259Trust is one of the important key factors today and recently IPSOS published The UK MORI Veracity Index. It shows that more people in the UK expect their hairdressers (69%) to tell the truth than business leaders (35%). Politicians are now the least trusted group of all with 21%.

There is a trust crisis going on in many places (not only in the UK) and what might be worse, it creates a reputation crisis. Since your reputation sets off the expectations of what you will accomplish next, this has huge implications – that of course can be turned into possibilities.

We see crises after crises popping up and crisis management consultants that are trying to restore a good reputation by helping out with handling journalists among other things. After watching a series of interviews I’m not convinced that this is the most effective approach.

Since I’m a big fan of the elegance of simplicity I would suggest another way around the problem. With a distinct focus on the importance of your reputation as a strategy you will constantly consider how you act. This will probably prevent the crisis from happening in the first place.

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