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Feeling Close To My Clients Working Remotely.

IMG_1354Working more in an international context I decided a couple of years back not to have an office. This enables me to work from anywhere, adding a quality of life to my work and a greater focus on what I want to accomplish for my clients wherever they are. With new and interesting environments, new ideas will come to life and I can work even more focused on the tasks at hand and serve my clients in the best way possible.

I actually feel very close to my clients working via Skype. My ambition is to give excellent service and swift advice wherever I am via email, mobile or Skype. It’s much faster and more effective than scheduling meetings that fit the calendars. But, of course I also like to meet with my clients live whenever possible.

I’m fascinated by the trend that in a couple of years a lot of people will be working as freelancers by choice where reputation and building trust will be the new key factors in the collaborations. There are many opportunities to explore.

One of my favorite places to work from is Italy. It’s only a couple of hours away and their way of life is inspiring. To spend one week every month there is much the same cost as renting an office space. To me it’s money well spent.

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