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The CV – A Relic From The Past?

light-vintage-plant-morningThere are a lot of discussions going on about how effective a CV is today and many experts even say that it’s dead – and I agree, it’s kind of a relic from the past. What is the alternative? I would put forward The Reputation Resumé which is based on the key factors highlighting what you can accomplish – the things that are absolutely crucial today – when you are being hired for a project.

The Reputation Resumé combines a short and trustworthy description of the perceived strengths and unique qualities of your reputation with a brief description of what your clients can expect from you. Then add your track record in form of a link to your updated and interesting LinkedIn profile and a picture that reflects upon your reputation.

In this way you will get a great introduction that also functions as a pre-meeting document when you meet interesting new clients. The Reputation Resumé is a document that you should be able to read in 30 seconds showing everything that is important.

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