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The Reputation Tragedy.

pexels-photo-10979-1Since your reputation sets the level of the expectations that your clients and colleagues have of what you can accomplish and how you will do it, it’s kind of a professional ”tragedy” if they have low expectations of what you actually can do for them. If you like a huge majority of us, aren’t fully aware of the perceived strengths of your reputation, you are at risk of being undervalued and can’t fully live up to what you are really capable of. This will of course affect your reputation.

The thing is that you will never be successful unless you are valued by others, since they are the people that will hire you, promote you, spread your message and applaud you. By knowing your reputation you can take ownership of it and keep building on your strengths heading down the road of being remarkable in your area. Of course there will be setbacks and screw ups but, the way you accept and conquer them will also build your reputation.

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