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To Skyrocket Your Reputation.

flight-sky-earth-spaceTen of my clients has chosen to redo the process of analyzing their professional reputation after 4-5 years and in every case their reputation has improved dramatically. What surprised me was that everyone said that they hadn’t actually done anything in the period in between. This actually puts reputation in a new dimension and the results are really exciting since what I think happened was that they got their reputation into their subconscious mind and “just” lived it. This is the real power of knowing your professional reputation. 

I also notice that it takes one to two weeks to get the results ”into your body”. We always have such a hard time accepting our perceived strengths and Paul Holmstroem, Chairman of Bioss reflected in his brilliant way on LinkedIn:

“It was also like getting into a new pair of slim selvedge jeans. A bit stiff and unusual, taking some time to get used to. I recall a magical moment meeting a potential client, actually wearing and feeling very comfortable in my “new” reputation. One of the best meetings I ever have had”.

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