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Embrace imperfection.

cars-yellow-vehicle-vintageMy co-author of the book ”The Beta Paradigm” Kristina Närman wrote in  a blog about how we shouldn’t seek perfection, but instead embrace imperfection. It’s about starting before you are ready, to put your project in a Beta version and constantly develop it underway. Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn said about permanent Beta: “If you’re not embarrassed by your version one release, you released it too late,”

I got the question if this contradicts excellence and fighting average and the mediocre. Interesting question, but I would say on the contrary, embracing imperfection in the Beta version means heading for the remarkable and put our focus on action instead of getting stuck in planning.

I really like the word remarkable for many reasons but most of all because remarkable people experience the true joy of becoming really, really good at something. And their aspiration to be remarkable builds a great reputation since they never settle for less. They are bold, do things before they become necessary and start before they are ready.

Remarkable people are people worth talking about, they have a great reputation and actually seldom need a resumé or a CV. And the best thing is that we can all become remarkable in our area.

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