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The Beta Version Of You™

hands-coffee-smartphone-technologyMany apps on smartphones are released in Beta versions and are gradually improved. We see drastic changes heading into the Gig economy and it´s time for all of us to release the Beta versions of our business or careers. Never before has your expertise and experience been out-dated so quickly and new things become important.

It’s time to see things not just as they are but how they could be, to focus on continuous growth and try out your ideas. And, you should do it before it becomes necessary.

What would The Beta Version Of You look like? What would you challenge and what would you eliminate in the next version of yourself? How would you expand your reputation.

Four things become important to consider

– Your Reputation. This is the crucial starting point and not knowing what it looks like will be a huge disadvantage. Your reputation kicks off the expectations of what you can accomplish next and how you will do it. This is the reason why you are hired.

– Accept That There Will Be Bugs. They will always more or less be there. It means to start the next version of you before you are actually ready, testing and developing underway.

– The Nerd Factor. Jack of all trades and the master of none is a matter of speech, more important than ever. Combine what you are great at with what you are interested in. Dig there to eventually become top of mind in your area.

The Stop Doing List. Experts agree upon that the secret to high performance among individuals is deciding what not to do. Quitting the right things at the right time giving room to develop the Nerd Factor.

Welcome to an exciting journey releasing the next version of You.

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