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Moving My Office To Tuscany.

IMG_1354It’s time to move my computer = office to Tuscany for the next ten days. With a new and beautiful environment, exciting ideas will be created and I can work even more focused on the tasks at hand and serve my clients in the best possible way.

Since our work with reputation is spreading, we now work in an international context. This also means that I don’t need an office in a certain city, instead  I can connect immediately with my clients wherever they are and wherever I’m located.

I actually feel very close to my clients working via Skype or with similar tools. It’s great fun working in this way combining efficiency with a quality of life. And, my absolute ambition is to live up to my own message that working “remotely” builds on reputation, expectations and trust.

So don’t hesitate to contact me whether I’m in the north of Sweden, in Stockholm or in Tuscany. The thing is that if I didn’t tell you where I were my goal is that you probably wouldn’t actually notice.

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