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Act Before You Know What To Do Next.

startup-photosI’ve met so many people saying that they don’t really know what they want to do next in their professional future. Many career coaches give the advice on how important it is to find out what your career goals are and after that you’re supposed to act upon them and move in that direction. And, unfortunately I see how many stop right there since they can’t really figure it out just by thinking and planing.

I see the same thing happening to consultants who have been in the same business field for years since it was safe, their expertise was there and it made a good income. Suddenly, it was all disrupted and they have to start considering their next move.

To me it’s the other way around. To go from thinking and planning into action. There are so many possibilities popping up on our radar screens today and, if you start acting upon them and see what happens, you will discover what you want to do next. You will just feel it and you might be surprised.

The important question is if you are where you want to be or think that you have to be. If you are not where you want to be you should do something about it, since both ways, your reputation will be affected. Your perceived strengths of your reputation will be a guideline into the future and the expectations that it kicks off will be your greatest tool.

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