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The Best Business Advice I Ever Got.

caf---coffee-espresso-5201A couple of years back I read a piece by Daniel Pink where he compared what the three great management thinkers, Seth Godin, Tom Peters and Jim Collins had in common.

”The secret of high performance among individuals is deciding what not to do”.

So, I could actually stop paying attention to my weak spots and just put them on my stop doing list to get rid of them over time. Since that day I have constantly run a stop doing list. I put things there that I didn’t want to do any more, circumstances that I wanted to avoid, clients that I didn’t want to work with etc.

I look at the list once a month and see what notes I put there during the weeks and what the common denominators are. I then make a decision and with respect for time, start getting rid of them. In that way I will consequently be ”pushed” into an area where my interests, ambition, unique qualities and expertise will join forces to create the things that I want to accomplish and I grow into my passion. Of course my reputation will be affected in a profound way.

This is pure magic and the elegance of simplicity.

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