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Average Is Over.

desert-hiking-hot-3853For some reason the mindset of “good enough” has been widely accepted. But, in my opinion, this is a fundamentally wrong way of thinking and it will affect your reputation. Will you choose a consultant who is just good enough or recommend a company which is good enough? As Seth Godin, the marketing icon puts it – Average is over! Today it’s about the ambition for excellence.

When you know and expand your perceived strengths of your reputation you have the possibility to stand out as unique. When you combine those talents with your passion and ambition great things will happen. It takes courage to walk this way, it means taking some risks but as the American naturalist John Burroughs once put it: ”Leap and the net will appear

Taking calculated risks is part of challenging the status quo. When we think about risks we normally think about failure, getting scared and want to get the hell out of there. Moving ahead and taking those risks will actually prevent us from falling into the stagnation trap and will have a profound impact on our reputation.

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