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Being Hired Upon Your Reputation

blonde-coffee-cup-5186You may have noticed that great projects are not filled with people sending in their resumés, they are filled with people with a great reputation. The reason is that your reputation kicks off the expectations for what you will accomplish in the project and the quality of it.

Today I see an increasing number of articles about how your reputation matters more than your track record, and I agree. Nobody really cares what you have done in the past however big it was, they care about how you did it. This has a lot more influence on you being hired than you might think. Results refer to history, but we invest for the future when attracting talents for a project.

Your reputation builds on how you act and your attitude towards what you do. Are you going for good enough or working with excellence in mind? Both ways will affect your reputation. To me it’s time to constantly challenge the mediocre.

To release the Beta Version of yourself by knowing your perceived strengths and embrace the challenge of your next version is a great way to expand your reputation and to be attractive. Building on your reputation instead of a resumé will also create trust which are the two key factors today.

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