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I Went For My Dream

IMG_0136Some ten years ago I found out that not even experts in work-life had a clear picture what the key factors that created results and eventually success looked like. They talked about ”those other factors” besides education that were crucial, but they actually couldn’t pinpoint and introduce them in a trustworthy way. I made a decision that very day to set out on this exciting journey to find a solution to this challenge.

Today, ten years later I’m convinced that the tool is Reputation – to get your professional network to describe those crucial skills. I have reached parts of my dream, the methods are in place and I’m also by some considered a pioneer in my field as a part of my own reputation. And, I must confess that I’m actually darned proud of it.

So, where do I go from here, what are the next steps of my dream on this off-road experience? What I’m really passionate about is spreading the message and challenge everyone to take their reputation to new heights and to stand out as  the unique persons that they are. I want to bring everyone to the next level by making them understand the exceptional power of their professional reputation. Wherever you are!

I have always talked about being more of a Dream Architect, in order to not just dream, but also act upon it. To be more like an architect who has a dream and a picture about what she is building, she makes the blueprints and then works with the best suppliers and collaborators wherever they are. So, are you ready to join me on this exciting, new journey?

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