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Never Better Than Your Next Project.

blue-sky-desert-future-932With today’s focus on potential and the expectations that our reputation kicks off, it’s time to get rid of the myth that you are never better than your last project. Today you can replace it with – You are never better than your next project. To me that is a much greater challenge.

Working with reputation, knowing and expanding your strengths and unique qualities is also a great tool for personal development. It’s a shift of perspectives from focusing on what you have done in the past to what you really want to accomplish in the future. To release the Beta Version of yourself.

It was expectations that made millions of people queueing up for the first iPhone before they had even seen it. Even if you don’t get millions of people queueing up for your services, consider what your clients can expect from you in the year to come. You can actually be famous for what you haven’t done – yet.

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