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Reputation And Trust

fire-firework-light-5076Today I see many articles about new ways of working and running a business, collaborating with people wherever they are located. Everyone seems to agree that the new key factors today will be Reputation and Trust. The question will be how to understand, expand and promote them in a trustworthy way?

Seth Godin, the marketing icon, had a great definition of reputation when he wrote in his blog that reputation is what people expect you to do next. It’s their expectation of the quality and character of the next thing you produce, say or do.

Of course, the level of these expectations will be crucial and what has been obvious to me is that when you know your perceived strengths of your reputation, this will take a completely new and attractive hight.

How about Trust? I met a CEO of an advertising agency and started to explain how I worked with reputation and she interrupted me saying – ”Ah, that’s my cred, my credibility, it decides every deal”. So trust is about how you act upon the expectations that your reputation kicks off. And your reputation will be the guarantee that you also will accomplish it.

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