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Start With How


Simon Sinek has written the brilliant book “Start With Why” where he pinpoints who will be successful through inspiration and I totally agree with his arguments. I would like to give some alternative thoughts when it comes to Reputation which instead often starts with the how.

Let’s consider the fact that nobody really cares what you have done in the past, they will care about how you did it. This will determine your Reputation and will also show the soft skills that transforms your expertise into action with a successful result. 

This kicks off the expectations what you can accomplish in the future and it will build the important trust while engaging in expanding your reputation. Since it’s your highest valued possession, I think we have to put a lot more attention to the crucial how.

One thing is obvious today and that is that your reputation matters more than your record. Results refer to history but we keep investing for the future. Today it’s time to challenge the mediocre and the status quo to go for your Next Big  

Today we need to be in a constant start up mode and release the Beta Version of ourselves. A paradox is that one of the biggest threats to your reputation is not knowing what it looks like. Only when you know your perceived strengths and unique qualities will you be in a position to fully utilize your potential, otherwise you are at risk of being undervalued and could end up in the stagnation trap.

It boils down to one vital question: Are you where you want to be or where you have to be? If you aren’t where you want to be you should do something about it since your reputation is constantly valued.

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