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Horacio Pagani, Excellence And Reputation

file4621259605157Horacio Pagani is a world famous car designer in Modena, Italy. He puts perfection into every detail of his beautiful cars and settles for nothing less. He is collaborating with the absolute best suppliers around the world to get the perfect parts for his cars.

Working with Horacio Pagani means delivering with excellence every time. In his latest car model he is even collaborating with a company specialized in sculpturing the sound of the exhaust pipes in order to get the best possible sound out of the car. I simply love those nerds with a total dedication to excellence in their fields.

During the last few years I have been approached several times about putting the reputation process on the Internet to make it available to many as some kind of test. But, in that way the value and quality will decrease. You can work with a mindset of either Good enough or Excellence and the choice will have a profound impact on your reputation.

To me, the choice is simple and I will prefer a Pagani inspired mindset – every time.

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