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Working From Anywhere

file0001123830832I often look upon and change my own way of working. I while back I decided not to have an office, instead put a virtual label on my computer as my office. Of course, this enables me  to work from anywhere, adding a quality of life to my work and also a greater focus on what I want to accomplish for my clients wherever they are.

With this way of working also goes that I never tell my clients where I’m located. My ambition is to give excellent and swift service wherever I am via email, mobile or Skype. Someone coined the term remote working, but I don’t agree with that term since I work closer with my clients than ever before in this way. 

Looking upon my way of working, also made me decide to focus this on reputation for consultants, entrepreneurs and freelancers in order for them to see the power of reputation and use their full potential. I’m fascinated by the trend that in a couple of years maybe a majority will be working as freelancers where reputation and building trust will be the new key italian-italy-restaurant-3498-526x350factors. 

One of my favorite places to work from is Italy. It’s only a couple of hours away and their way of life is inspiring. To spend one week every month there is much the same cost as renting an office. To me it’s money well spent.

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