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Exploring Your Reputation

art-arts-exhibition-522-523x350We are often asked about our work with Reputation. Our ambition is, as a first step, to make a one hundred percent trustworthy description of your highest valued and most unknown possession. This is the crucial starting point since your reputation takes shape in other people’s minds. From the moment you know what it looks like, you can take ownership of your reputation and start expanding it.

But, exploring your reputation means so much more. It means exploring all the new possibilities that knowing your reputation will open up. It also deals with getting hold of the crucial parts of your potential describing what your clients can expect from you. And, we look into the exciting field of releasing the Beta Version of Yourself which will also have a huge impact on your reputation

Last week The New York Times had a long article about the crucial importance of your reputation. Today everything is being disrupted at a speed we have never experienced before. The only thing that hasn’t changed is the importance of your reputation, it’s more important than ever.

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