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The Magic Of Stop Doing

apple-bag-collaboration-154-522x350We are often focusing on our weaknesses and call them our areas of development and we become kind of experts on them. So far I haven’t met a single person who has become successful on them.

I think it’s time to change focus to our perceived strengths and unique qualities as our most important area to expand. It’s much more fun, effective and will have a profound impact on your reputation. The circumstances causing your weak spots is something to put on your ”stop doing list”.

I have always worked on my ”Stop Doing List” to get rid of things and circumstances that might affect my reputation in a negative way and I keep building on my strengths. This is actually not a new thing since in The Ten Commandments, eight out of ten was what we should stop

I look at my list once a month and see what I have put there, I make a decision and with respect for time, I try to get rid of them. In this way I am ”pushed” towards an area where my passion, ambition, unique qualities and expertise will join force to hopefully achieve great things. It’s pure magic.

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