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Reputation Means Power

bildMany see things as they are, entrepreneurs see things as they could be. An entrepreneurial mindset is the difference between getting things done and making things happen. They see the next big thing and are on the edge, where the interaction takes place and things happen. It is also here that an attractive professional reputation is formed. On the edge is where the passion is and where change happens. As Tom Peters puts it – Excellence is not an ambition, it’s the next five minutes. Here, you find the passion to deliver something really, really good. Victor Cheng – Business Advisor for top consultants nailed the importance of reputation

“Your professional reputation is everything. It is the one thing by which everything else in your career revolves around

Reputation is the Number One key factor today since everything in your business-life revolves around it. It will kick off the client’s expectations, indicate your potential and it will build trust while you are living up to it. Today we are in the middle of a mind-shift that takes us from promoting history to future, from experience to potential but, it also takes courage to do this in new ways.

Today there are huge possibilities to collaborate in new ways across the globe and the key factors will be reputation and trust. In the global market, you can’t afford not to take every possibility to find the things that is unique and give you competitive advantages. The price for not taking advantage of your reputation is high.

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