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Building Reputation, Not A Resumé

tamastslikt-pferde-indianer-sonnenuntergang.cr2081x1386-12x8.800xIt’s exciting times for entrepreneurs with lots of new possibilities and new ways of collaborating globally. But, the crucial key factors are no longer the same. Today it’s about building a Reputation, not a Resumé. Thinking back I must admit that I have never bothered writing a Resume in my entire life, except my LinkedIn profile. I have always tried to deliver value, knowing my perceived strengths and in that way expanding my Reputation. 

Reputation is the No One key factor today since it also kicks off the expectations that makes your clients interested in you. It will indicate your potential and it will build trust while you are constantly living up to it. Today we are in the middle of a mind-shift that takes us from promoting history to future, from experience to potential but, it also takes courage to do this in new ways. 

You can listen to our breakfast seminar (in Swedish) in Stockholm on the 22nd where I together with Karin Sandin and Katy Caroan will talk about Reputation, Courage and Authenticity.

You can register here – and you will also receive a free copy of our book. 

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