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Reputation Builds The Success Of Freelancers

PenguinsIn five years time there will be more people freelancing than being traditionally employed in the US and of course, the same trend will apply to Europe and other places. This is exciting times for entrepreneurs and working as a freelancer is a lifestyle where you can work in places where enjoy life, feel creative and stay focused. We will run small companies and sell our services globally. With today’s technology this will be powerful since these small companies can quickly join forces to create great stuff.

Let’s face it, people will buy from you, work with you or invest in you based on your reputation. To explore and expand every angle of your reputation is probably the best investment you will ever make. In today’s global market, you can’t afford not to take every opportunity finding the unique things that will give you competitive advantage.

You Will Always Be ValuedDSC02028

As a freelancer you will never be successful unless you are valued by others, since they are the people that will hire you, promote you, spread your message or applaud you. A great majority of the decisions about you are made when you are not present – the ’only’ thing present is your reputation. These are the moments when people are discussing if they will hire you for that exciting project or if they will invest  in you. It’s the moments when you are valued – all those crucial moments in your business life. You can to a much greater extent take control over this decision by knowing every part of your reputation – then expanding and promoting it in new ways.

What Your Clients Are Buying From You As A Freelancer

We see huge changes going on today where we are heading from experience to potential, from history to future. Your professional reputation is a very effective tool in handling this paradigm shift. Unanimous research from Harvard Business School, Stanford University and others all point at the same interesting fact:

IMG_1496”People are much more impressed by your potential than by your track record. It would be wise to start focusing on your pitch for your future, as an individual or as a company, rather than on your past — even if that past is very impressive indeed”

The reason why so many don’t use their full potential is that they are not aware of it. Yet it’s upon your potential that you are hired. When you know every angle of your reputation, you can expand it by building on your perceived strengths to fully utilize your potential.

Reputation affects every corner of your business and work-life and is your highest valued possession. People will buy from you, work with you or invest in you, based on your reputation. It’s the cornerstone of your economy in the years to come.

I Just Love Working With Entrepreneurs

I must admit that I love working with entrepreneurs. They are often on the edge where their passion and ambition join forces to create great stuff, they make things happen and know their Next Big Thing. They are the experts that fully live and utilize their reputation to attract new exciting collaborations and profitable clients. One of my clients, Magdalena Bibik, wrote the following comment on LinkedIn after working with her reputation:45409-6288f5b9b4964b56bddd52add4059eea

”The greatest surprise is the overwhelming courage that knowing your reputation brings to you. Once you know what others think of your work, you’re ready to take major leaps towards your goals! I’ve done it! The best piece of business advice ever”

There is an ongoing reputation revolution that will affect your everyday business and work life and it opens up new effective ways to attract new clients. People who are freelancing have reimagined work and as a freelancer you are your reputation. It’s very seldom that you can show such an economic impact from one single strategy as you can do working with your Reputation.

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