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Doing The Impossible?

file1041276597363I got a mail from one of my connections on LinkedIn, David Moody, a consultant in Brisbane, Australia who often shares and have interesting comments on my updates. He wrote:

“You are doing the impossible Per – you are pointing to the very hub, the heart of all things for business, for consultants for everything”.

Thank you David, it makes me proud and, yet it’s very simple and natural. Your Professional Reputation is your most valuable and highest valued possession and it’s in focus within every aspect of your business and work-life. It has a profound impact on your professional future.

Impossible? I think it’s just a question of a very important mind shift since almost everyone that we meet agrees upon that reputation is crucial to their success, but surprisingly few are aware what their own reputation looks like or the huge opportunities that it opens up.

Your reputation will, without any doubt, decide who your clients, employer or investors will listen to, trust – and choose. So – the vital question remains – do you know every aspect och your professional reputation.

And, again David – thank you for the challenge! I will try to live up to it.

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