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To Step Out Of My Comfort Zone


I stepped out of my own comfort zone10 years ago to be on the edge exploring the area of Reputation and all the huge possibilities that it opens up. Driven by curiosity and my passion I have been on this trip ever since and it has been worth every second of it. I have met, and keep meeting, intriguing people who have been contributing with so many great ideas. It’s a great privilege to be able to create a unique concept that I with humility see is affecting the professional lives of so many.

Ten years ago I wrote my first book “The Myths Of Effective Recruitment” where I for the first time, among other things, challenged the effectiveness of the traditional CV. To my great surprise it was nominated among best books in the HR area in 2005. It’s actually not until today that I see headlines in major newspapers like ” The Resumé Is Messing Up Recruitment” and “Reputation Is Your Resumé”. One lesson that I’ve learned on my entrepreneurial trip is that when people think that you are crazy, you know that you are on the right track – just keep going.

The journey goes on looking into all the new possibilities that the concept of Your Professional Reputation creates for you as an entrepreneur, consultant, leader or employee yearning for new exciting things in your business or work life.



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